Sunday, June 29, 2014

Level Design

Greg and I lay out the levels. There are currently three levels which are supposed to have a difficulty ramp but I think the core mechanics allow for beating all three easily.

Thanks to Bennie's awesome coast tiles, the first two maps have coast line and boats!

Since we didn't impolement title cards on the levels you don't get to enjoy what we actually called them. They are:
  • Level 1: Grand Turistmo
  • Level 2: BBQ4ME+U
  • Level 3:Compound Fracture
Ideally, the next couple of level would get harder and harder through introduction of more guards, patrol patterns and the introduction of just enough random guys to mess with your carefully planned attack vectors.

The tileset allows for walls, but doors are currently broken. With the introduction of T and + style walls intersections, you could make arbitrarily complex buildings.

Technically functional!

We now have all the necessary gameplay elements in place! The game is now officially playable, and we can move to making it... enjoyable? pleasant? good? Take your pick. With four hours to go, we have more work than time (who doesn't?), but we will have a game to submit by the time the jam is over!




Bennie's beautiful artwork is suplemented by my horrible pastel monstrosities.

I am not a artist by any means of the word. However, my main contribution to the project has been to fill in holes in what assets we have. These include:
  • Sand
  • Water
  • Wall Segments
    • Wall
    • Door
    • Corner
  • Bush
  • A small bamboo Hut
  • Wooden Flooring
  • Rocks (3 types)
If you can figure out what these objects are, my job is done.

Status Update: 7 Hours Remain

Okay, so here's where we're at.


  • Most basic functionalities are done!
  • You can fire blow-darts and use your club to attack.
  • Enemies have the most basic of AI implemented: stand in place, rotate randomly, walk around randomly, run away from you, run toward shelter.
  • Still need to work on capturing civilians, as well as win and lose conditions. Also, allow civilians to escape.
  • A bit of preliminary level design has been done on paper, though that's yet unimplemented.
  • Defffffinitely needs polish.


  • Music is done! We have four songs, and they're dope.
  • Some sound effects are done, some we're working on. The humans' sound effects are awesome.


  • Brendan has been helping Bennie with art. He does not consider himself an artiste.
  • Humans have beautiful walking animations. And there are a few different kind of humans.
  • Some background stuff exists, and it's pretty.
  • Huts! Those exist.
  • A bit of particle effects because Tai has fancy skills.
Overall, we're totally going to have something working in time... but some parts of it will definitely be more polished than others. Go team go!

All of the music!

With 8 hours to go, all of the music is complete! Feel free to give a listen. Links are below, but you might have to right-click and save in order to actually hear it.

Sneaky stealthy music
Panic/freakout music
Jungle theme
Resort-goers' hokey luau music

The first three tracks were made using Sibelius, for which I'm fortunate enough to have a license through my school. The fourth track is just me on my ukulele -- no fancy parlor tricks. Enjoy!


Devlog from Saturday Night



12:00 -- Initial meetup for the day

14:30 -- island background music loop done (1 minute), player artwork underway, basic enemy line of sight code added (player can hide behind walls), enemy AI started

23:59 -- Enemy wander/chase/evade/wall collisions done, LOTS of graphics assets, player dart gun implemented, we now have about 3 different songs (stealth, panic, intro)


Devlog from Friday Night



18:30 -- Team Formed (Tai Enrico, Brendan Ritter, Bennie Leo, Greg Edelston)

19:00 -- Brainstormed Ideas

20:00 -- General game premise formed, some specifics worked out (TBA, it's a surprise)

21:00 -- Food consumed

21:30 -- Github set up

22:00 -- Game Maker set up with Github

23:00 -- Basic movement of player completed, grass background and 2 plant props finished

23:59 -- Smooth, orthogonal wall collisions completed, background music draft