Sunday, June 29, 2014

Status Update: 7 Hours Remain

Okay, so here's where we're at.


  • Most basic functionalities are done!
  • You can fire blow-darts and use your club to attack.
  • Enemies have the most basic of AI implemented: stand in place, rotate randomly, walk around randomly, run away from you, run toward shelter.
  • Still need to work on capturing civilians, as well as win and lose conditions. Also, allow civilians to escape.
  • A bit of preliminary level design has been done on paper, though that's yet unimplemented.
  • Defffffinitely needs polish.


  • Music is done! We have four songs, and they're dope.
  • Some sound effects are done, some we're working on. The humans' sound effects are awesome.


  • Brendan has been helping Bennie with art. He does not consider himself an artiste.
  • Humans have beautiful walking animations. And there are a few different kind of humans.
  • Some background stuff exists, and it's pretty.
  • Huts! Those exist.
  • A bit of particle effects because Tai has fancy skills.
Overall, we're totally going to have something working in time... but some parts of it will definitely be more polished than others. Go team go!

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