Sunday, June 29, 2014

Level Design

Greg and I lay out the levels. There are currently three levels which are supposed to have a difficulty ramp but I think the core mechanics allow for beating all three easily.

Thanks to Bennie's awesome coast tiles, the first two maps have coast line and boats!

Since we didn't impolement title cards on the levels you don't get to enjoy what we actually called them. They are:
  • Level 1: Grand Turistmo
  • Level 2: BBQ4ME+U
  • Level 3:Compound Fracture
Ideally, the next couple of level would get harder and harder through introduction of more guards, patrol patterns and the introduction of just enough random guys to mess with your carefully planned attack vectors.

The tileset allows for walls, but doors are currently broken. With the introduction of T and + style walls intersections, you could make arbitrarily complex buildings.

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