Friday, June 27, 2014


Hello, world! It's the summer of 2014, and the Seattle weather is beautiful. The Microsoft interns have decided that the best way to take advantage of the beautiful weather is by sitting inside and programming all day! To that end, we have created a Game Jam: we have 54 hours to create a standalone video game, using whatever tools we want. 6PM on Friday, June 27 to 11:59PM on Sunday, June 29. The theme is, "...And then it went horribly wrong." We also get bonus points for prominently including Clippy. The race is officially on.

Our team has four members: Tai Enrico, Bennie Leonard-Cannon, Brendan Ritter, and myself, Greg Edelston. Bennie is our artist, I'm in charge of music/sound, and Brendan and Tai are our principal programmers, although I suspect Bennie and I will get to help out with coding. We intend to use GameMaker as our engine. We'll generally be posting updates on the MSFT Intern Game Jam forum, but we'll try to push updates here as well. (I may wind up copy-pasting other people's updates.)

Signing off for the first time,

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